Sebastian Vettel Celebrates on the Radio with his Classic ‘Grazie Ragazzi’

By 10 months ago

It has been a long time coming, but Sebastian Vettel finally opened his win account in 2019. After performing a massive undercut, he controlled the pace and the race restarts to keep ahead of teammate Charles LeClerc.

Soon, it wasn’t long before he crossed the finish line, and there was no penalty to break his heart this time. With this win, he recorded a win after 392 days and more than a full season. As he trundled around the track, whooping in delight, the ‘Grazie Ragazzi’ cry, which has been synonymous with Vettel, was heard once again.

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He thanked his team in Italian and thanked everyone in Maranello and afterwards on the podium, he was asked about hearing the German national anthem after a while. That was when he smiled and said, “Well I heard the German hymn quite often. Not in combination with the Italian hymn though”

However, it was worth noting that Charles LeClerc was furious at being denied a chance to win. The Monegasque driver was left muttering about unfairness and came close to a meltdown.

This win for Sebastian Vettel will be a massive confidence boost and a perfect salvo for all his critics. Up until this point, many believed that Vettel had lost his edge and should retire and let the young guns rule. Now, Vettel will definitely get his mojo back and who knows whether he will make up for lost victories.

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