Following the qualifying session of the Canadian Grand Prix 2019, Sebastian Vettel was clearly in high spirits. This was mostly because he scored a last gasp pole position for Sunday’s race.

During the post qualifying press conference, Sebastian Vettel once again let out his inner jokester. At the time, a journalist introduced himself as a representative for a Spanish website called Admittedly, Vettel was rather incredulous regarding the name, and he quipped, “Are you sponsored by Pirelli?”.

At that point, second place man, Lewis Hamilton lost all his composure and began to laugh. Vettel sheepishly confessed, “I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it, was it a good one at least?”, before dissolving into giggles himself.

Unfortunately, that familiar Sebastian Vettel grin was wiped away 24 hours later, and he and Hamilton swapped positions in the press conference.

Sebastian Vettel