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Sebastian Vettel Crashes into Max Verstappen

Sebastian Vettel Crashes into Max Verstappen

There was absolute drama when Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel clobbered the rear of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Vettel had just been overtaken by Verstappen in a brilliant move around the outside. Then, in an almost carbon copy manoeuvre of Baku 2018, Vettel speared into the back of Verstappen.

The good news was that both drivers were able to continue racing, though they were both compromised. Sebastian Vettel was dropped right to the back of the pack, but Verstappen managed to recover to run in 5th. However, Vettel was slapped with a 10 second time penalty.


As it happened, Vettel was desperate to snatch the position back and he locked up. Unfortunately, he was unable to slow down in time and avoid a crash.

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