Sebastian Vettel Delights Fans with Amazing Act of Kindness

Sebastian Vettel

It has already been established that Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has a big heart. From requesting his team to help a rival to sending a hand-written letter to a fan, he’s endeared himself to many.

At the recently concluded Chinese GP, Sebastian Vettel was at it again and went above and beyond the call of duty to help his fans. One evening, he was in his F12 Berlinetta when he was stopped by Chinese fans who wanted to take a picture. However, it was too dark for the picture.

But then, he went and did something unprecedented, he got back in his car and repositioned it so that the car’s headlights were illuminating the spot where they wanted to take the photograph.

During the photo session Sebastian Vettel stepped in between the entire group, much to their delight and posed alongside them.