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Sebastian Vettel Eats an Ice Cream During Interview

Sebastian Vettel Eats an Ice Cream During Interview

It is no secret that Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are good friends and get along well. Now, it seems that some of Raikkonen’s influence has rubbed off on the Ferrari driver. After the Hungarian GP race, Sebastian Vettel was in an interview, which was standard protocol. However, the difference was that he was munching on an ice cream

Raikkonen himself is well known for his fondness for ice cream, ever since he was spotted raiding the Ferrari refrigerator in 2009 in Malaysia.

Coming back to Sebastian Vettel, the German driver had a good day in the office as he took 3rd in the race. The 32-year old was battling his teammate Charles LeClerc for much of the race while Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were locked in their own battle.

Vettel had the upper hand over his younger teammate as he had fresher tyres following a late pit stop.

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