Sebastian Vettel Encouraged by Early Signs from the SF90


Scuderia Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel is quite confident that 2019 will be his year to shine. When he first took the SF90 to stretch its legs for the first time, he found that it was attuned to his style. According to reports, the 2019 stallion is able to ‘enhance’ Vettel’s driving style.

As soon as he completed his first lap of the Montmelo circuit, Vettel knew everything was just right. The 2019 Ferrari now allows him to brake early into the corner and accelerate out quicker. Interestingly, he had adopted this trait back when he raced for Red Bull and bagged 4 straight titles.

Speaking to, he happily stated, “I had no prejudices, or particular expectations, but at the moment I think it should be a great compliment to all those who worked at the factory in Maranello for how they knew how to interpret the new rules. What they put on track today, on the first day of practice of the year, is very close to perfection. Not only the performance, but the number of laps completed and how the team managed the car: everything worked. Everything has been improved compared to last year’s car “.

Sebastian Vettel
Will the familiar finger return?

An interesting fact about Sebastian Vettel was that he often too notes of the setup and suggest changes to the car. It was almost as if, Vettel was taking on the role of an engineer as well. But now, with the 2019 car, he seems perfectly happy with the car in its natural state.

Back in his Red Bull days, with Adrian Newey, the technological genius, Vettel could simply be the driver. At that time, there was no confusion on the set of tasks there were handed out. Now, with Mattia Binotto, a former engineer himself, Sebastian Vettel can hopefully take a stab at the 2019 championship.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel