Sebastian Vettel Engages in Banter with a Journalist

Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has been having plenty of bad days in the Ferrari office. However, that has surprisingly not let it affect him outside the car, when talking to the media.

When speaking to Dutch TV, Ziggo Sport, Sebastian Vettel engaged in some friendly banter with the interviewer. Then, the serious question was asked, namely, if Vettel could summarise his Spanish GP race.

Sebastian Vettel said, “Turn 1, I thought it was the only thing I could do against these Mercedes. I wasn’t going to win the race in Turn 1 but I thought I could mix things up. So we played ‘Who Dares Brake the Latest’ I was one of the latest, but I didn’t make turn 1.”

“After that I had a huge flatspot so my first stint was compromised and that’s where I lost compared to Max. He was on the inside and obviously, free way to go and after that, as I said, first stint was slow for us because of the flatspot. After that the car was decent and we had good pace but we were too far.”

“With the Safety Car at the end… To be fair, we were as fast and not faster so it was difficult in the end”