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Sebastian Vettel Escapes Scot Free After Post Race Drama

Sebastian Vettel Escapes Scot Free After Post Race Drama

Sebastian Vettel

Which the on-track action at the Canadian GP may have been lacking, the off-track action made up for it. Sebastian Vettel was so gutted at losing out a win that he almost decided to skip the podium ceremony. Then, when the Ferrari team changed his mind, he sneakily swapped the first and second place signs as petty revenge.

However, the three presiding stewards elected not to penalise Sebastian Vettel for his post-race antics. One of the stewards, Hans-Gerd Ennser, had already taken a lot of heat for the time penalty imposed on Sebastian Vettel. However, he defended himself, saying that the FIA panel actually gave the German as lenient a punishment as possible.

Speaking to Kleine Zeitung, he said, “It could have been 10 or 20 seconds or a stop-go penalty. The five second penalty is the least penalty for such an offense.”

Ennser also explained that the stewards decided not to add to Vettel’s troubles by penalising his post-race antics, including boycotting ‘parc ferme’ and switching the positions of the number 1 and 2 marker boards.

Sebastian Vettel
The Incident that started it all

“We were told about these incidents, but we thought that because of the high emotions and the great pressure Vettel was under, we would not impose any further penalties,” he said.

Another Canadian GP steward, Mathieu Remmerie, also defended the imposition of Vettel’s time penalty.

“The rules are what they are, and we are here to apply the rules,” he told the Belgian news agency Sporza.

“The discussion as to whether the rules need to be adjusted may of course take place,” Remmerie added.

“As a motor sport enthusiast, I naturally also like to see a great race. Do some regulations go too far in certain cases? Maybe yes.

“If you compare motor sport with 10 to 20 years ago, then a lot has been improved, but it was always also at the initiative of the teams themselves,” he said.

Remmerie admitted he was “slightly shocked” by the “huge media attention” since the controversial decision last Sunday.

But he said: “There will always be commotion around certain decisions.”

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel resorted to petty revenge
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