Who are the possible replacements for Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari?

Sebastian Vettel
image source: Auto Sport

No race wins thus far, not even a runner-up position in any of the Grands Prix held so far,  what is Sebastian Vettel to?

While one might feel glad that while the German was able to break into top-three at China, truth be told, thus opening his podium count for the current season, it hasn’t helped his team’s cause a great deal.

Has it?

The 2019 Formula 1 season, hasn’t really begun with a bang for Ferrari. In the three races held so far, the best either of the Ferrari drivers could manage was a third on the grid. Charles Leclerc grabbed that fighting albeit memorable P3 at Sakhir while his more experienced teammate, Sebastian Vettel, could only do as much as a P3 at Shanghai.

Does one wonder if that has upset Binotto? Regardless, for a driver who was so habitual of finishing in the front row of the grid, circa those terrific Red Bull years, it doesn’t help one bit to find Sebastian Vettel struggling vis-a-vis the usually dauntless Mercedes.

Moreover, what’s a bit depressing particularly from the perspective of the Tifosi is that Mercedes have won all three races held thus far while Vettel’s bagged none.

But if you thought that that was all, then think again?

Not for nothing have F1 journals begun introspecting about something, which perhaps Ferrari would be well-advised to do: think of a replacement for Sebastian Vettel.

It’s not that if Sebastian Vettel doesn’t win, the world of motor-sports shall come down crashing. It’s the collateral damage that the Scuderia can’t afford to handle that’s causing the Italian team a blip.

Wondering how?

That a man Ferrari had hired as a potential world champion, Kimi being their last knight if one might put it that way (2007), hasn’t really delivered doesn’t he;p

Or has he?

While Sebastian Vettel does have to his credit a brilliant tally of 52 race wins, 112 podiums, what he doesn’t have, is a title with Ferrari. And where the last year stands, then, one may note that at least in winning back-to-back Grands Prix, the Heppenheim-born was off to a flier.

That told, who could be the possible replacements for Sebastian Vettel if it all, it comes down to that?

Will Mick Schumacher replace Sebastian Vettel in the future?

Sebastian Vettel
Mick could be a natural at Ferrari, but will he? (Source: Daily Mail)

Schumacher isn’t just a name- is it? It’s a legacy. It’s a bastion of excellence and one to which Mick Schumacher would love to contribute, his father having already done a lot for the sport.

Recently, 20-year-old Mick Schumacher test drove a Ferrari SF90 as well as the Alfa Romeo C38 at Sakhir, post the completion of the 2019 Bahrain GP.

However, the youngster shared that he’s still not sure whether he can chase a Ferrari seat for 2020.

That told, with the talent being there- Mick having won 8 races in the 2017 Formula 3 European Championship and clinching the 2018 Formula 3 European Championship- one can be certain that Ferrari when they do decide to replace Vettel, shall fancy the idea of deliberating with this famous name.


Is the ‘Mad Max’ Verstappen the natural replacement to Sebastian Vettel?

Sebastian Vettel
Can the Scuderia latch on to Max? (source: This is F1)

Can Max Verstappen step into Sebastian Vettel’s shoes anytime soon? Well, that completely depends on whether or not Red Bull let go of their blue-eyed driver, someone who not only helped Horner’s team win its maiden home race (the 2018 Austrian GP) but also put stellar performances in Grands Prix at Mexico City (the Dutch being the 2017, 2018 winner) as well as that famous 2016 drive at Interlagos.

Interestingly, ‘Mad Max’ and Vettel have, in fact, had a go at one other in several Grands Prix, with China (2018, 2019) producing some fascinating battles for ascendency toward the second row. This, in itself, would’ve given Ferrari a clear idea of the talent they can hire, if at all, they decide to go that way.

But that said, it doesn’t look like Horner would let go of Verstappen post-2020, isn’t it?

That said, in the topsy turvy world of F1, nothing can ever be taken for granted, right Mr. Binotto?

Can Valtteri Bottas ‘Finn’ish the job that Sebastian Vettel hasn’t been able to?

Sebastian Vettel
Will Bottas be in Ferrari in 2020? (Source: Car Throttle)

Just think of it. Charles Leclerc, the youngblood at Ferrari, someone who graduated from the Ferrari driver academy, having already shown his mettle at the 2019 Bahrain GP driving alongside a man who’s perhaps as eager to clinch a world title as the 21-year-old?

This, it mustn’t be forgotten, shall be a driver who, despite enduring a torrid run in 2018- arguably, his worst-ever season- was still able to set 7 fastest laps in 21 races in the 2018 season.

What Ferrari really need is experienced hand but also someone who can go fast to topple the rest, of course, in a non-Torpedo-ish manner.

Should they get Bottas, who’ll be up for grabs post the 2019 season, it would make for an interesting pairing at the Scuderia. Right?