Sebastian Vettel: “Not a Very Happy Day For me”

October 29, 2018 12:48 pm

Despite finishing on the podium, at the Mexican GP, Sebastian Vettel will have a sour and bitter taste in his mouth, as he saw Lewis Hamilton celebrate his fifth world championship title. Vettel vowed to come back stronger and was gracious in his defeat as he praised Hamilton for his success. “I’m glad that Kimi and I were on the podium today and also because the atmosphere here is always great, but obviously I am disappointed for the result of the drivers’ championship”, said Vettel. 

“I want to congratulate him for this race and Lewis on winning the championship. This is not a very happy day for me, but one thing is being down and another is not being able to get back up, and I know that in two weeks I will be back up and try my best to finish the season well and fight for the Constructors’ championship”, he added. 

Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene says that the entire Ferrari camp was in positive moods, despite Hamilton’s victory, and said that they are going to target the Constructor’s championshipWe do not give up,” said Arrivabene, in an interview with Sky Italia.“The constructors’ championship is still open, we have taken more points in that and do not give up until the end. “Congratulations to Hamilton, but now let’s play for the constructors. It will be difficult but we will not give up”, he added.

Speaking about Sebastian Vettel, the boss said that while the media blamed Vettel for his mistakes, the team supported Vettel and will continue to do so. “You have to be close to him in down moments like this, we do not leave him alone,” he said.“We must be strong and throw everything behind him, go forward and do not give up. We have proved we are together even if the others are saying otherwise. So let’s keep going,” said Arrivabene.


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