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Sebastian Vettel Has a Rare Public Outing During the F1 Winter Break

Sebastian Vettel Has a Rare Public Outing During the F1 Winter Break

Sebastian Vettel is a hard man to keep track of, especially since he is not using social media. The German driver is a hugely private person and most of his activities largely pass under the radar. So his activities away from the Formula One circuit, largely remain a mystery.

However, it does not stop fans from trying to post occasional updates whenever the Ferrari driver is spotted. Recently, the 32-year old was spotted at the 2020 Hahnenkamm Alpine Ski World Cup as a spectator. It later transpired that he wasn’t alone, as there was a mini-Red Bull reunion at the event.

As it turned out, Pierre Gasly, Alexander Albon, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen were also present at the Skiing World Cup. Also joining the group was MotoGP rider and Red Bull-backed athlete, Pol Espargaro.

The event itself took place at Kitzbuhel in Austria and the six racers were eager to catch the action from the grandstands. It just goes to show that even though Sebastian Vettel is not on social media, he is still a very sociable guy off the track.

How is the F1 life treating Sebastian Vettel?

Admittedly, Vettel has come under a lot of fire, due to his sub-par performances in the last couple of seasons. Though the truth of the matter is that it got more punctuated when Charles Leclerc joined in 2019. At least when Kimi Raikkonen was in the team, he would settle as the rear gunner, without question.

Unfortunately for Sebastian Vettel, with a young upstart like Leclerc in the other Ferrari, there are no more excuses. Vettel can no longer mask his poor form behind Kimi Raikkonen’s attempts to stay as the backup. So, the criticism of Vettel has amped up and there have been calls for him to hang up his boots for good.

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