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Sebastian Vettel Has Some Interesting Suggestions to Improve the Current Show in F1

Sebastian Vettel Has Some Interesting Suggestions to Improve the Current Show in F1

Last year at the Russian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel made it explicitly clear about what he misses in F1. After his car trundled to a halt at the race, he screamed into the radio, “Bring back the ****ing V12s“. Needless to say, Vettel continues to echo that sentiment to this day.

When he spoke to Kolner Express, he revealed the changes that he would bring to the sport, if given a chance. First and foremost, he would do awat with the V6 hybrids and have the V12 engines make a glorious return.

Back in the 2014 season, Formula 1 introduced the V6 hybrid engines in a effort to promote sustainability. So, the screaming engines had to make way for the less noisy V6 Turbos.

Ever since the inception of electric counterpart, Formula E, F1 has been pushing forward and environment-friendly agenda. It is also believed that the series is hoping to become carbon neutral by 2025.


Sebastian Vettel does not approve

Vettel told Kolner Express: “My first act would be to double the number of cylinders. I would also remove the batteries. I do not think they are needed, except to start the car.”

Speaking of Sebastisn Vettel, the German driver has garnered a lot of criticism. The main criticism is his driving and poor form while at Scuderia Ferrari. For a while Kimi Raikkonen masked it when the Finnish driver played the wingman role without question.

However, with Charles Leclerc alongside him, he has nowhere to hide, and the 2019 season was a perfect example. So, it goes without saying that 2020 will be an important year for Sebastian Vettel. He will be striving to prove thatSebastian Vettel he deserves to stay in F1 and convince Scuderia Ferrari to hand him a contract extension.

There is also the age factor, as Vettel is 32-years old and will turn 33 later this year. So, he is also in a race against time and get a last hurrah before hanging up his boots.

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