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Vettel Hopeful About “Daring” Set-Up To Aid Ferrari vs Mercedes At Spain

Vettel Hopeful About “Daring” Set-Up To Aid Ferrari vs Mercedes At Spain

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has surely seen better days in F1. During his Red Bull days, a stint in his career that most certainly seemed more of a reign than a usual team stint, he won not once but twice here at Spain.

While acing the 66-lap contest at Barcelona isn’t ever an easy challenge, the track being punctuated by 16 turns, a sharp hairpin bend, and above all, fast-paced corners, Sebastian Vettel managed to win at Spain in back-to-back occasions in the past.

But as Vettel, who has currently gathered 52 points and therefore, a third on the driver standings enters the 2019 races, he hopes to do well on the race day. To his credit, he begins the duel being third on the grid, following yet another dominant Mercedes show that saw in-form driver Valtteri Bottas steal the show, yet again.

Yet, the four-time world champion still feels there’s a lot that is yet to happen in the contest. And given the fact that his team has carried forward some interesting upgrades of the ‘big day,’ there seems a possibility that Ferrari will find their performances during the Spanish Grand Prix somewhat uplifted.

That told, what is currently the mindset of the German driver, currently driving in his fifth season for the Scuderia?

In a candid conversation with a leading online journal, Sebastian Vettel, a man who would emerge second-best only to Lewis Hamilton last year happened to share the following, brimming with newfound optimism:

“We tried a lot of stuff yesterday and again today, different directions and we ended up getting the best out of the car today which wasn’t enough,” he explained.

“We are certainly not satisfied but I am very happy with the approach, with the chance that we took in terms of trying something daring: something that ultimately it will pay off, maybe not today at least, but hopefully it will help us in terms of pace for tomorrow. And hopefully, it sets us off in the right direction for the next couple of weeks.”

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