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Sebastian Vettel: “My Family, Not Formula 1 Defines Me”

Sebastian Vettel: “My Family, Not Formula 1 Defines Me”

Since the 2018 season, Sebastian Vettel has been going through a lean patch, and it is still continuing to this day. As a result of his poor performances, a number of naysayers have been questioning his motivation. At least in 2018, he had a teammate like Kimi Raikkonen who would settle for the number 2 driver role, no questions asked. Unfortunately, this time his teammate is Charles LeClerc, who will not be a simple yes man.

However, the German driver has insisted that he is as motivated as ever to win races. Though it was worth noting that he believes that Formula One does not define who he is.

Speaking to Autoweek, Sebastian Vettel said, “It’s not what I do that defines me. For a lot of people that follow from outside, yes, of course it is. It’s the same thing for me when I watch the tennis game and when I look at the guys, that’s who they are for me.”

He believes that he should be known for more than being, Sebastian Vettel the Formula One driver. While he said that being a Formula One driver is his life, he would like to be known as the husband to Hanna and father to his kids.

He also talked about losing and his attitude towards it, where he feels that one should not be a sore loser. Vettel continued, “If somebody has done better than you, it’s hard, but I appreciate it a lot if somebody comes to me that has just been defeated & then shakes my hand, looks me in the eyes & says ‘well done.’ I also try to do that, even if I would like to run away & hide.”

Now, the German driver is looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend and a chance for redemption. So far, Sebastian Vettel has not won a single race, but there are still seven rounds left and a chance to rack up a couple of wins.

Hana Prater and Sebastian Vettel
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