Sebastian Vettel Opens Up on Favourite Memory Ahead of 1000th F1 Race


Formula One has been around for 69 years, starting from 1950. Now, the sport is heading into its 1000th F1 race, which is quite the landmark. To commemorate the occasion, a few Formula One driver were asked about their earliest memories. One of those drivers was 4-time world champion and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

The German driver made his debut back in 2007 for Toro Rosso. 2007 was his first full-time season after a few cameos for BMW Sauber. Sebastian Vettel shot to fame in 2008 when he took a shock pole in Monza and went on to with the race, in a Toro Rosso.

Now, he has come a long way and currently races for Ferrari, in his 12th season in Formula 1. Talking to Speedweek, he opened up on his top moments in F1’s 69-year history.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

He admitted, “There are so many races to choose from. The first race I can remember is Ayrton Senna’s first victory. I think it was 1991 and he was really exhausted because he’d lost a few gears during the race. He couldn’t even lift the cup after the finish.”

He confessed that his memory may not serve him well as he was only three years old at the time. Then, Sebastian Vettel spoke about compatriot and Formula 1 legend, Michael Schumacher. He fondly reminisced the initial years of the now 7-time world champion. Vettel then cast his mind back to the 1995 German Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel continued, “The Benetton years of Michael Schumacher were very special for me. Especially when he passed through the stadium section at Hockenheim and you could see all of the German flags.”

Sebastian Vettel then revealed that that moment was what inspired him to start racing himself. 24 years down the line from that race in 1995, Sebastian Vettel is currently competing in the 2019 Formula One world championship. He will be racing in the 1000th ever Formula One race and be hoping to win on this landmark occasion.

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