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Sebastian Vettel Opens Up on Testing Crash

Sebastian Vettel Opens Up on Testing Crash

On Wednesday, the Scuderia Ferrari team suffered a small hiccup when Sebastian Vettel went off track and crashed out. It resulted in valuable time lost to gather any important data.

According to the Ferrari team, it was a wheel rim issue that was the main culprit. Later, when speaking to the media about the crash, Vettel said, “Thank God the impact was not too violent. I got out, the marshals were there immediately, I kept my thumb up. I jumped on the spot a few times to see if everything was okay, luckily that was so.”

The incident occurred at Turn 3 when the German lost control and was simply a passenger.

Marshals retrieve Vettel’s crashed Ferrari

A Ferrari statement read, “After thorough checks we found that Seb’s off yesterday was due to a rim issue. The rim had been damaged a few seconds before by an impact with a foreign object.”

As a result of the crash, the Maranello squad’s testing schedule has had to be altered. So, instead of both drivers splitting a day between them, they will get one whole day in the car.

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