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Sebastian Vettel Outlines his Issues After Tire Lockup

Sebastian Vettel Outlines his Issues After Tire Lockup

As per usual, Scuderia Ferrari had a forgettable day in the office during the Spanish GP 2019. When the race began, Sebastian Vettel had made a decent start and managed to get alongside both Mercedes. However, he outbraked himself and flatspotted his tire, losing momentum in the process.

In his haste to gain back position, Sebastian Vettel put his teammate, Charles LeClerc out of position. With both Ferrari drivers getting in each other’s way, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen wasted no time in seizing third. He would remain there for the rest of the race and bag a podium as an added bonus.

Sebastian Vettel

Coming back to Sebastian Vettel, he was clearly struggling as the flatspot began to take its toll. While speaking on the radio, he said, “I’m hanging on as good as I can with this vibration. They are a pain in the ass. He can go ahead at the straight. Now look for me for pitting me as soon as you can. Even in traffic I dont care.”

In the end, after a fair number of laps and LeClerc was still not let through, Vettel finally, pitted and got rid of the troublesome tires. However, he could only muster 4th place ahead of his teammate Charles LeClerc.

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