Sebastian Vettel Pokes Fun at Max Verstappen After Latter Takes Pole in Brazil: “Little Bit Suspicious”

November 17, 2019 2:25 am

Max Verstappen, up until before the qualifying session of the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix was in the news for all the negative reasons. He took shots at Lewis Hamilton first by saying that he was in his head and later poked fun at Ferrari in Austin after the team had a disaster of a race. He ended up accusing them of cheating, a remark that did not go down well with anyone in the paddock, especially Sebastian Vettel.

Now Sebastian Vettel has joined in the “maybe they are cheating” bandwagon, although in a much funnier and light way than Verstappen. After Ferrari lost the pole to Verstappen,  Vettel was quick to question as to what they did that made their Honda engine so fast on the straights considering this was their older spec only. He was quick to point out how the entire season the Red Bulls were slower than Ferrari and Mercedes on the main straights but now suddenly in this race were quicker than both. To this, he even ended up saying “A little bit suspicious”

Naturally Verstappen’s pole isn’t much of a shocker for anyone considering the Red Bulls were pretty much matching the Ferraris. On one lap pace, the Ferraris were still quick and estimates said they had a sizeable advantage of 0.7s over the other two front runners after Friday running. This all seems to have been null and void now considering what happened eventually in qualifying.

Vettel was asked about Honda’s progress: “I don’t think they have introduced a new Spec. It was a bit of a surprise. We were always a bit faster than everyone else on the straights. Today Max and Alex were as fast as us. Idk why, we haven’t done anything different.”

All in all, we’re all set for a brilliant 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix at the Sao Paulo circuit with the top three comprising of different teams. Leclerc is starting all the way back in 14th, having taken a 10 place grid penalty for engine change. However considering he’s onto a new spec engine, he will be very fast in the race and hence overtaking the midfield runners ahead of him won’t be much of an issue.

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