Sebastian Vettel Ponders Uncertain Future Beyond 2020

Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has been in Formula One since 2007, driving for BMW Sauber. Since then, his career has taken him to Toro Rosso and a shock maiden win in 2008.

Following that, he moved to Red Bull, where he proceeded to win four back-to-back titles. Finally, Sebastian Vettel finds himself in Scuderia Ferrari and battling with Lewis Hamilton and now a new and hungry teammate. In all, the German has been in the sport for 12 years, a long and successful one at that. But now, things are a lot harder and he is more susceptible to mistakes, as evidenced last year and in Bahrain last week.

But there comes a time where Sebastian Vettel will have to think about his future and what lies beyond Formula One. With the Formula One regulations set for a massive overhaul in 2021, everything hinges on whether he and some of the older drivers will find it worth sticking around.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Speaking to The Times, Sebastian Vettel said, “I’m certain I really want to drive this year and next year, then I don’t know what happens to the regulations. Nobody knows so far.”

“I certainly can’t sit here and say, ‘No [I won’t leave]’ just for the sake of being in Formula 1.”

Sebastian Vettel added: “A lot of the values that used to be around, they are only partly around.

“Formula 1 is now more a show and a business than a sport. You can say the same probably for other sports, but maybe in other sports it doesn’t filter down as much to the actual athlete as much as it does here.

He has stressed on a need for a decision on what the drivers want Formula One to be. Sebastian Vettel is of the opinion that the sport is wasting time and energy with regulations that are just expensive and it all amounts to nothing at all.

Sebastian Vettel