Sebastian Vettel Rants About the Pesky Racing Point Cars

Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was rather annoyed when he was on a lap but was suddenly interrupted by one of the Racing Points. Miffed at having his lap ruined, he said, “I don’t know what the Force India is doing”. Sebastian Vettel seemingly forgot that they are now called Racing Point, but old habits die hard.

His race engineer replied that the team were going to report the issue. But then Vettel stopped him, he said that they can ‘do what they want’.

His next sentence was quite chuckle-worthy as he said, ‘They race harder on Friday than they do on Sunday’.

Lately, the Racing Point team have not been performing well in the F1 2019 season. This is a team that has consistently finished in the top 5 for three straight seasons. Had they not been excluded midway during their takeover last year, the team would have finished in 5th behind Renault.

Hopefully for their sake, Sebastian Vettel has not got a black tongue and sealed their fate.