Sebastian Vettel Justifies his Safety Car Tactics after Hamilton’s Criticism

May 2, 2018 12:03 pm

While it was a bittersweet victory for Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, in his post race interview asked the FIA to justify Sebastian Vettel’s tactics behind the first safety car. Vettel apparently slowed down the entire grid before rocketing off at the restart.

“You are not allowed to start and stop, start and stop [at the safety car restart],” said Hamilton.

“You’re not allowed to fake the guy behind.

“If there was not that rule, that’s what you’d do because eventually you’d catch them sleeping.”

He added: ”In Australia he accelerated and braked and I nearly went into the back of him and [in Azerbaijan] he did it four times and I need to speak to Charlie [Whiting, race director], because I don’t understand.“I understand he passed it to the stewards but they didn’t do anything.

“They supposedly said everyone was doing it.

“But we’re the leaders and it cascades down, what the first car does everyone does the same thing.

Replying to the allegations made by his title rival, Vettel said that he was more concerned with tire temperatures, more than anything.


“The safety car should speed up,” Vettel said.

“It was difficult with our tyres to keep the temperature up.”

“Maybe after so many years of a Mercedes it would be nice to have a Ferrari safety car instead.”

Exactly last year, at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, there were similar allegations, just the roles were reversed. Sebastian Vettel accused Hamilton of slowing down in front of him, brake testing him, which led him to break some parts of his front wing. Furious, he went alongside Hamilton and bumped his car into him, thus earning a 10s stop go penalty for the same.

Following the victory in Baku, Lewis Hamilton now leads the championship with 70 points on board, with Sebastian Vettel third with 66 points.

Jaskirat Arora

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