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Sebastian Vettel Scolds Interviewer for Asking About Football Instead of F1

Sebastian Vettel Scolds Interviewer for Asking About Football Instead of F1

Following the qualifying session of the US Grand Prix 2019, Valtteri Bottas was on pole. The Finnish Mercedes driver was flanked by Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen respectively. During the post-qualifying press conference, a reporter from Auto Bild asked Sebastian Vettel about his reaction to Bayern Munich being beaten 5-1.

The puzzled Ferrari driver asked, “We are playing football or we are racing here? Is it that boring to watch? You have no question about what we actually do? I think there’s rain forecast in China tomorrow. Do you want me to comment on that?”

However, he obliged the reporter with his answer, and spoke about Bayern’s loss to Eintracht Frankfurt. He said, “I’m a big Frankfurt fan but, to be honest, I didn’t know. I found out just before qualifying, so obviously by then the game was done. I think it’s a good result for my team and Niko Kovač has been part of Frankfurt for a while, so of course I feel for him – but I hope he finds back the success very soon.”

Meanwhile, Bottas also could not stop himself from chipping in and saying, “I heard its snowing in Finland”. The entire exchange was met with quite a bit of laughter from all three drivers, and the journalists.

Fortunately for Seb, that was the only off-topic question for the remainder of the press conference. Now, the Ferrari driver and his fellow drivers in the top 3 will be looking ahead to the US grand Prix 2019.

The only other deviation, was when they were talking about crash helmets and changing it often. In fact, during his Red Bull days, Vettel was well-known for turning up to each race with a new design. However, it prompted the FIA to impose a rule of one helmet design for the whole year, with one of two exceptions.

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