Sebastian Vettel Shares His Piece Of Mind In Earnest Plea To The Stewards Post Austrian GP

June 30, 2019 11:13 pm

There wasn’t much in it for Sebastian Vettel at the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix- isn’t it? Or was there? Even as the German driver, who began his Spielberg charge from a lowly tenth, passed Hamilton in the final lap, his fighting fourth was the only consolation for Sebastian Vettel, who managed a podium in 2018 at the very circuit.

But in a dramatic post-Austrian-GP, Sebastian Vettel has had an interesting point on offer for the F1 stewards, that contingent of Formula 1 that is often seen occupied in passing key verdicts that decide the sensitivity of several matters concerning a Grand Prix.

But before that, a case in point. No sooner to any dramatic moments that have thus far captured much of the 2019 season, for instance, the Leclerc power failure at Bahrain or the Vettel penalty that barred him from winning the Canadian Grand Prix (unlike the last year), even the Austrian Grand Prix had some late drama in its ebb.

On Lap 70, as Verstappen passed Leclerc, the then race-leader, getting a nice exit at Turn 3, the Red Bull contacted the Ferrari and the red car was pushed beyond the racing limits in a bit of a controversial move.

While many may regard it as a deliberate racing shenanigan, arguably Max’ critics, Sebastian Vettel has chosen to offer key insight on the dramatic move that perhaps says things as it is, to the stewards. This comes at a time where a decision is yet to be passed on the dramatic overtaking move in the dying moments of the 70-lap contest.

Here is what Sebastian Vettel, fourth at Spielberg, had to say:

“I haven’t seen what happened. If it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair.

“But i’m not a fan of passing on these decisions to people somewhere sat in a chair. I think we are the best to judge, in the car, and it’s racing, you know, we’re not fighting for the kindergarten’s cup.

“I think, we are all adults. Some older, some younger. But they should leave us alone.”

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