Sebastian Vettel Referred to the Stewards for Bizarre Reason

November 11, 2018 12:07 am

Sebastian Vettel was last on pole in Germany. It seems he’ll have to wait a bit more for his next pole position. In one of Mercedes’ strongest tracks, Lewis Hamilton took a brilliant pole position while Vettel was second followed by Valtteri Bottas in third.

Considering this was Hamilton’s 82nd pole position and 10th of the season overall,  it’s not a very unusual feeling to see the Briton on pole. But what was unusual was a little incident which happened with Sebastian Vettel after the the second leg of Qualifying.

Since the conditions were changing, Sebastian Vettel was in a hurry to start his Q3 run and hence as a result caused a bit of a scene while his car was being weighed. His car was put on the scales and he refused to turn down the engine, so that he could swiftly get down and get started with his Q3 run.

This led to unstable readings on the scale and even a quarrel between an FIA official and Vettel himself. Not only that, when he ran down from the scales with engine turned on, the scales were destroyed. Because of this little devious act, he was referred to the stewards. If he’ll be penalised or not, is yet to be seen.

He was also asked about the same during the post qualifying interviews and said he didn’t want to comment on it, while taking everything with a pinch of salt. Clearly this has to be one of the first times someone will be called to the stewards‘ room because they tried to get off the weighing scale a bit too fast and in return destroyed the scales as well.

This is his video of trying to get off the weighing skill as soon as possible and having a quarrel with the FIA official.




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