Sebastian Vettel

During the Thursday pre-race press conference, Sebastian Vettel, George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz Jr, were answering questions. Then, one question popped up about overtaking at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Formula Press’ Luis Vasconcelos asked, “Traditionally this is not a Grand Prix where we see a lot of overtaking but this year DRS is a lot more powerful than before. Can we look forward to quite a bit of overtaking this year on Sunday?

Russell admitted that there had not been much overtaking this season, inspite of a stronger DRS.

But then, Sebastian Vettel chimed in with, “Yeah, I think we will see some. It depends on the race, obviously, but I think we should see some, we should definitely see more here than if we go to Zandvoort. It’s just true, no? It’s like Monaco isn’t it?”