Sebastian Vettel Tries his Hand at a Didgeridoo

December 23, 2018 1:05 am

Back in 2010, ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel met New Zealand cricket legend Ron Murray. The Kiwi showed the German driver a traditional Australian musical instrument, the didgeridoo.

Being a little adventurous, Vettel tried to play the instrument. Later on, Murray even taught him how to throw a boomerang. For the uninitiated, a boomerang is a ranged weapon which always returns to the thrower.

No matter how far or how hard it is thrown, it will curve back and return to the thrower.

With regard to that year’s Australian GP, it was actually Jenson Button who triumphed. Joining him on the podium were Robert Kubica and Felipe Massa. Meanwhile, Vettel had retired from the race with a brake issue. Button won from 4th on the grid while Vettel was on pole.

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