Sebastian Vettel Tries to Raise the Spirits of Dejected Ferrari Team


Mercedes romped to their fifth consecutive 1-2 finish during the Spanish GP 2019 earlier today. With Max Verstappen rounding out the podium, it could only mean one thing, Ferrari bottled it yet again. Lead driver Sebastian Vettel was in a prime position to pounce, having qualified right on their tail. He made a good start and was even alongside the Mercedes duo by the first corner.

However, He only succeeded in outbraking himself and flatspotting his tires. From that point onwards things only went downhill for Scuderia Ferrari. Even though Ferrari performed the trademark swap, nothing worked in their favour.

Then, the pitstop phase came and both cars had trouble with one of the rear tires, causing a slight delay. Also, Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc were put on different tires, with the latter on the harder option. Ultimately Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc were forced to settle for 4th and 5th respectively.

Speaking to the despondent team on the radio after the race, Vettel said, “I know it hurts being so far behind this weekend, but let’s remember, we do something that we love. Grazie, grazie a tutti. Forza Ferrari sempre”

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

Afterwards, in the press conference, he admitted, “I had a flat spot after the first corner where I knew that this would be the only chance to really try and do something against Mercedes,”

“It wasn’t really there, so after that, I compromised my own race. Probably that’s where we lost the podium.

“I was struggling to see stuff [with the vibration] and I was obviously slowed down,” he added. “It compromised my first stint – after that I think the pace was fine.

“From there it was difficult to come back, the Safety Car gave us a bit of a chance but we were on the same pace as Max, so difficult or impossible to pass.”

Sebastian Vettel
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