Sebastian Vettel Responds to Claims He’s Cracking Under Pressure

Sebastian Vettel
Will this posture be Vettel's signature posture throughout the 2019 season>

One of the worst sights, from the perspective of a Sebastian Vettel form, was to have seen the German score a sedate fifth at the 2019 Bahrain GP. At no point in time did it seem that Vettel, would finish anywhere outside the podium- isn’t it? Well, this is no needless babble.

There’s a context to it.

On qualifying day, even as Sebastian Vettel’s teammate scored the pole, the German did manage a decent second, not the worst place to be on at the grid. Right?

Moreover, given that the first that Sebastian Vettel had ever entered the Bahrain GP was way back in 2008 meant that the 2013 World Champion had enough experience of racing at Sakhir.

Yet, what did one see?

Sebastian Vettel
Leclerc was Ferrari’s only scorer at Bahrain (GP Fans)

One saw that it was Charles Leclerc who was able to score the only points Ferrari did on the podium and not Sebastian Vettel. This was disappointing to some. At the same time, it was hurting to most others. But above all, it may not be wrong to say that given that Vettel couldn’t even finish inside top four and therefore, fell down to fifth, behind Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen made for some torrential disturbance so to speak for his die-hard fans.

Isn’t that correct?

The above told, what was observed and remarked implicitly about Sebastian Vettel’s Bahrain fiasco was the fact that the German driver spun around on the track in midst of what seemed a close battle with Lewis Hamilton.

This resulted in Sebastian Vettel losing the battle for a close finish inside the top three and at the end of the day, did once again raise questions whether he was under some form of ‘pressure.’

To that end, post the Bahrain GP, Sebastian Vettel, who, as mentioned above has been doubted (and quite regularly so, ever since he failed to score a podium at Albert Park) has reverted and given his piece of mind to the impression about him being in some kind of pressure.

So what’s been Sebastian Vettel’s response to his spinning around- is it pressure or is it something else altogether?

Sebastian Vettel
So is Vettel under pressure or no? (Daily Express)

Some motor-sport platforms have reported that Sebastian Vettel has ‘insisted’ that his spinning at Sakhir had absolutely nothing to do with the Deutscher being under some form of pressure. To elaborate further, Vettel was quoted as saying, ”

“I don’t think it has anything to do with pressure!” He would further add, ”

“Certainly I had a look at it again – certainly it was my mistake and I need to digest that our race could have been a bit better without that spin at that time.”

The point now is whether Sebastian Vettel can move on from a rather ordinary or harmless looking P5 that gave him 22 overall points to Hamilton’s 43 (post the Briton’s win at Bahrain) on the driver’s standings and whether he can score well enough to make 2019 an interesting battle in the end.