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Sebastian Vettel – “Want to Win Title For Little Seb Who Supported Schumacher Led Ferrari”

Sebastian Vettel – “Want to Win Title For Little Seb Who Supported Schumacher Led Ferrari”

Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015. Immediately, he became a fan favourite because h was charming, humorous, made sensible attempts at learning Italian and was fast. Michael Schumacher approved of him and always treated him with high regards. 2017 onwards, he was also fighting for championships with Lewis Hamilton. However, off late, he hasn’t managed to be at the top of his game.

Despite the many many mistakes, Sebastian Vettel has made over the two three seasons, he still remains as a tifosi favourite. He’s become a team player, helping young Leclerc take his time to adapt to the Ferrari atmosphere. And even though, he still hasn’t won a race this season, he is still one of the most popular guys on the paddock.

Ferrari held a massive 90 year racing celebration in Monza on Thursday, where they showcased some of their legendary cars and invited former drivers like Massa and Raikkonen to meet the fans. Naturally Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were present their as well among the fans, answering questions and what not.

When asked to Sebastian Vettel regarding his championship winning dreams and possible future in the sport and with the team, Vettel revealed that currently he is liking F1 and is not focused on where he will be in five years. He prefers living weekend by weekend, race after race, year after year.

He gave a special mention to Michael Shumacher and revealed how his love for Ferrari came into existence because of him. It is really sweet how Vettel still talks about his childhood dreams and how much happy and honoured he is to be driving a Ferrari.

“As a child I used to follow Michael with the red car. Now that I am driving the red car, it is a dream coming true. It’s difficult to find words, a way to describe Ferrari. It’s a religion.”

“Is winning the title with Ferrari an obsession? I would just like to win for little Seb who as a child supported the Schumacher-led Ferrari.”

Vettel always had a special bond with Michael Schumacher. He was labelled “Baby Schumi” as early as 2008 when he won the Italian Grand Prix with Toro Rosso. When he returned to Ferrari, he was always expected to emulate the same success as Schumacher. The duo also competed together in Race of Champions for Germany for many years.

The kind of nice guy that he is, we hope his dreams do get true. Time is running out for him.

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