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Sebastian Vettel’s Funniest Moments

Sebastian Vettel’s Funniest Moments

Four time world champion Sebastian Vettel is currently relishing his spell with Ferrari along with the Finnish iceman, Kimi Raikkonen. The German is considered to be one of the most hilarious people on and off the track. The German is adored world wide by the Formula One fanatics because of his jolly nature and a light hearted approach when the going gets tough. He is not only loved by millions of fans for his driving and competitiveness on the track, but also for showing some sense of humour. Don’t we all love a little laughter and chuckle in every sport? EssentiallySports brings you 5 of Sebastian Vettel’s funniest moments.

Sebastian Vettel’s funniest moments

5. Vettel singing for his race engineer 

With the World Championship of 2015 already in the hands of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel grabbed headlines in an otherwise boring practice session on Friday, in the season ending race at Abu Dhabi.

Showing off his amazing vocal chops as well as his bilingual skills, the German broke into an Italian rendition of Happy Birthday for his race engineer.

“I think I forgot something this morning,” Vettel joked on team radio before launching into what must be said was a quite lovely version of the song.

Casually singing whilst going around corners in 200+ km/h. Not bad, Seb!

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