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Sebstian Vettel said, “They are stealing the race from us!”

Sebstian Vettel said, “They are stealing the race from us!”

Sebastian Vettel

The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix looked like it could be the first victory for Sebastian Vettel and thus, for his Ferrari. In the end, the 70-lap contest turned into yet another triumph for Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver winning his fifth in seven races held so far this season.

Ferrari were shocked and have understandably appealed against the verdict that changed the course of their race in Canada. The five-second penalty handed out to Sebastian Vettel at the back of the German’s erroneous driving toward the closing stages earned a strong reprimand from those in charge.

This would promote Lewis Hamilton up the order and demote Sebastian Vettel down to second on the podium.

Hamilton, it was not hard to understand, celebrated in a hush and not so cherubic fashion. Out there on social media, those in Vettel and Hamilton fan-club seem to be in a war of words with one another.

And truth be told, it doesn’t seem as if the diatribes extended to Mercedes by Ferrari fans are going die out anytime soon. The fan of the red cars, it can be said, is understandably riled up upon seeing the decision toward the end of the Grand Prix, that would be ruled in Hamilton’s favor.

Just what is going on, you may want to ask.

Sebastian Vettel, upon completion of the 2019 Canadian GP, a contest he had won in 2018, had the following to say:

“Where the hell was I supposed to go? They are stealing the race from us,” he said once he was informed of his penalty over the team radio.

“I was lucky that I didn’t hit the wall. Where the hell am I supposed to go? This is the wrong world. I tell you. This is not fair.”

Soon as the Montreal race was over, instead of making time for the Martin Brundle interview, Sebastian Vettel stormed into the Ferrari garage to take cognizance of what exactly had happened and how.

In fact, truth be told, it ought to be said that Sebastian Vettel, whose team has seen Mercedes dominate right from the onset of the 2019 Australia dominate, wasn’t exactly incorrect in expressing his disenchantment with the result:.

“I think we really deserved to win today. That’s our opinion and I think the people’s opinion out there as well,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“It’s a bit weird now, to be honest. It’s not making our sport popular is it? With these kinds of decisions… people want to see us race. They are the reason why we are able to put this show on. It’s just a shame when we have all these little funny decisions.”

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