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Serena Williams Comments on Gillette’s Ad and Equality For Women

Serena Williams Comments on Gillette’s Ad and Equality For Women

Serena Williams

Serena Williams passed a tricky test today against the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, to assert her authority at the Australian Open 2019. Despite the one-sided scoreline, Bouchard threw everything at Serena Williams. However, the American had answers to all her questions, as she came through in 70 minutes in straight sets(6-2, 6-2).

Serena Williams
Photo: Ben Solomon/Tennis Australia

In her post-match press conference, Serena Williams was posed a question regarding the new Gillette advertisement that has been receiving a heavy backlash for its anti-male propaganda. The ad, for those who have not seen it, has received far more dislikes than likes on Youtube, and has sparked a full-blown debate on all the social media platforms. You can watch the video below.

Serena Williams was asked if she could speak about the context of the ad, and the role of men in terms of stamping out toxic masculinity or promoting gender equality. Serena Williams said- “I have not see the commercial, so I don’t want to talk out of place, but I do think it’s important for men….and women to stand up together.”

“I think it’s important for us both to work together and women not work against men and men not work against women”, continued Serena Williams.

“they should all be together and if we can have help from men saying- ‘Oh women deserve equal pay, women deserve equal c-suite jobs, women deserve you know to be on board seats'”, she added. “Like this is super important if men are advocating it as well as women and that’s the only way to make that change and that is something I have been really trying to advocate myself on different boards hat I have been on”, said Serena Williams.

Serena Williams will face off against the Ukrainian teen Dayana Yastremska, in her next match. Serena Williams, is looking in good touch and will surely be the favorite for the title this year, as we head into the final days of the first week in Melbourne.

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