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Serena Williams Drops a Hint For a Legendary Doubles’ Match

Serena Williams Drops a Hint For a Legendary Doubles’ Match

Good friends Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki are ready to play their doubles match in Auckland, next month. The two posted a video on social media, sharing their preparation ahead of their ‘legendary doubles match’.

Williams and Wozniacki will pair up on the doubles court for the first time in their career at the ASB Classic in New Zealand, which is scheduled from January 6-18, 2020. While Serena’s last WTA tournament in doubles without Venus was in 2002, Caroline hasn’t played doubles for more than three years.

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki

Serena Williams message to Caroline Wozniacki

Williams tagged Wozniacki and posted a video on Instagram, asking whether she is practising volleys for their match.

She said: “Hey Caro, hope you are practising your volleys, I am. I am getting ready… legendary doubles matches coming up.”


Wozniacki replied!!!

Caroline Wozniacki responded to the American and revealed that she also has been working really hard on her ‘volley game’.

“Oh, Serena, I love that you have been getting your workin’. I too have been working on my volley game. So I am so ready for Auckland for our doubles. Let’s go!!!” the 29-year-old said.

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki

She further added: “I have been watching the video again. I realise it’s very intense in the end. However, I think I just prove the point that I have been working really really hard and I am pumped, I pumped to play with you, Serena. See you soon.”

Williams and Wozniacki friendship

Williams was one of the bridesmaids in Wozniacki’s wedding with former NBA player David Lee last June. Now the two will team up after years of battling in singles on the WTA tour. The duo will also play an exhibition in Copenhagen in May 2020.

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki

The one time Grand Slam champion was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis shortly after she clinched the 2018 Australian Open. She will retire from tennis after playing the first major event in Melbourne next month.

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