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Serena Williams Heading to WWE?!!

Serena Williams Heading to WWE?!!

Serena Williams, sadly, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the recent times, and today its no different. The Chief Brand Officer of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Stephanie McMahon, in a exclusive interview with News.com.au, said she would love to sign Serena Williams in her WWE roster.

“Serena! I want Serena. She’s awesome”, said Stephanie McMahon. Serena Williams, as we all know, stands for equality in sports for women, and has always voiced her opinion on the issue of gender inequality. Stephanie McMahon said that WWE was a place where women were treated on par with men and that was a great thing to achieve in the world of wrestling. Serena Williams

“The backstory is my husband Paul {Levesque aka Triple H} had started recruiting elite athletes from all over the world…both male and female”,  said Stephanie McMahon. “We started training our woman the same as the men and hired our first-ever female coach.They started given our woman the same match time and opportunity at live events, which like anything else, the more reps you do the better you become.”

“So everyone had an even playing field and it made all the difference.”McMahon said.“The women in NXT then started stealing the show and that’s when our audience started chanting ‘this is wrestling’ and that’s what really gave rise to the ‘give women a chance’ movement.Our fans are empowered because they know they have a voice and they make things happen”, she said.Serena Williams

WWE has been the epitome of wrestling entertainment, that has captivated and roped in thousands of followers across the entire world. The show has propelled the the likes of Hulk Hogan, who was known for tearing up his shirt and going berserk in the ring, or “The Rock” (Dyane Johnson), who was known for his smile and distinctive “eyebrow lift”, to unparalleled fame. There have been other superstars that the WWE has created, and their most recent recruit has created ripples in the show- Ronda Rousey. Rousey is a Olympic bronze medal holder in the sport of Judo, and has also made her name in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). She also had a two and a half year undefeated streak at the UFC, which grabbed WWE’s attention.Serena Williams

The inclusion of Serena Williams, which seems like a far-fetched idea, is not altogether an impossibility. However, lets hope she does not leave tennis in a hurry. Williams, who has called it a season, after her US Open run, will feature next at the Hopman Cup alongside the Swiss maestro- Roger Federer, as she looks to win the Australian Open crown again.

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