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Serena Williams-“If You Don’t Believe in God, it’s Going to be Tough to Live”

Serena Williams-“If You Don’t Believe in God, it’s Going to be Tough to Live”

Serena Williams, as many already know has an overpowering and intimidating effect on her opponents, even before she steps on to the court. She has a work ethic that is comparable to none, and has often showcased why she is one of the greatest, if not the greatest athletes to have graced the sport in this era. Even off-the-court, Williams has set an example, for the women who look up to her, with a plethora of successful business lines.  However, what many might not have known about her life is that Serena Williams’ faith in God.Serena Williams

The US Open runner up spoke about how believing in God has been an important aspect of her life. ‘I’m a Jehovah’s Witness”, said Serena Williams. “If you don’t believe in God….I think if you do not believe in God, it’s going to be tough to live life”, she said. “Because pretty much that’s the basis of life, it comes from God”, continued Serena Williams.Serena Williams

“And so being a Jehovah’s Witness, obviously we believe in God and the Bible”, added Serena Williams. “And without Him, I wouldn’t be here right now”, said the former world number one. “I really thank Him for everything”, she continued. “I’ve been blessed really.” “People are sick, just born with just disorders, and I’ve been blessed to be born, you know, pretty much healthy”, she added. “So I really….that’s basically what I mean.”

Serena Williams, who cut short her 2018 season, is all set to feature alongside another legend of the sport, Roger Federer, at the Hopman Cup, prior to her Australian open campaign. Serena spoke about how she and Roger Federer were so similar to each other, in terms of their dedication towards the sport. Serena Williams


‘Roger and I”, she said, “we both have such a passion for the game.” 

“We’ve been playing for a really long time”, continued Serena. “We both just love the sport. You can tell when he(Roger Federer) plays that he loves the sport”, said Serena Williams. “I think that’s something that we both have in common”, she continued.However she was more in doubt of the similarity in their playing styles, as said with a smile. ‘Well, I don’t have a one-handed backhand, and he does, and there are obviously so many different things. I think you’re better off to answer that one”, she concluded.

Serena Williams will be coupled with Frances Tiafoe, as they take on the pair of Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic, at the Hopman Cup in January.


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