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Serena Williams Reveals Her Best Ways To Relax

Published 06/14/2020, 10:52 AM EDT

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As a highly active tennis player, Serena Williams hardly gets any time to relax. Even at the age of 38, the American legend continues to participate in any tennis tournament possible.

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Now that Serena has a family with a husband and a little daughter, those moments become even rarer. That’s because you have other responsibilities when you finally get home. Over the years, Serena has developed her own relaxation mechanisms.

Apparently, she is one of those people who love to sleep properly. While this is a day and age where people rarely sleep, the world’s greatest tennis player finds time in her schedule. She revealed all the details about relaxing in her recent interview.


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How does Serena Williams relax?

Serena Williams revealed that she rarely gets time to relax. Since Olympia is still young, she also requires a lot of attention.

“When I sleep because I don’t relax otherwise or if Olympia’s asleep, then I’m so relaxed. But now she can tell I’m a little more anxious when she woke up and we always watch paw patrol when she wakes up, so yeah.”

She had once told CNBC Make It in an interview that she uses Meditation as a possible cure for her problems.

Something I do every day is [to] completely turn my brain off, which sounds weird but because I work so much between tennis and running my other properties — Serena Ventures and Serena Clothing. But it’s a lot so I just need to turn my brain off and not think about anything.”


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“Sometimes it’s mediation. Sometimes it’s watching a program [on TV] that has nothing to do with anything, like something that is silly or fun.” 

It’s a lot easier now because I can just watch my baby,” Williams says. “It really helps me to focus on her and focus on the moment and not think about anything else. And I purposely do that with her because I know that I just need to shut off.”


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We all can learn from Serena Williams. It’s difficult to relax with a hectic schedule in today’s times. A little bit of effort in that regard can be really helpful which can rejuvenate our tired bodies.

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