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Serena Williams: “Sharapova is Similar to Me”

Serena Williams: “Sharapova is Similar to Me”

Two of the most celebrated female athletes in the world are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Both the ladies share a 14-year-long rivalry in their tennis career. Be it their on-court fighting spirit or their off-court charisma, the women are impeccable in their fields of action. They met each other for the first time on the court in 2004. Back then, the 17-year-old Sharapova outplayed Williams to clinch her maiden Wimbledon title. 

Their first meeting in 2004

“I think Maria and I both play well. I think we have a lot of similar things. We give 100%, I think. Doesn’t matter who we play. We are both, I think, really intense on the court, and I think fans like to see people that really try really hard no matter what. And so when those two people play each other, it’s one person that tries super hard playing another person that tries really”, said Serena. “The ladies really fight hard for everything, at least when they play me. I feel like everyone plays the best that they can and they just go for broke. I  think ultimately that’s what makes me better is the fact that I always have to be better because everyone is coming at me so hard”. 

They have met each other 21 times on the court and Williams has surrendered just twice to the Russian champ. The 37-year-old, Williams has been predominant on the WTA circuit since the inception of her career. She has also been keeping well off the court. Buoyantly, very soon, the American GOAT would become the only tennis player on this planet with the highest number of Grand Slam titles. Also, she owns four Olympic gold medals. 

In 2012 London Olympics

Williams continued, “There’s definitely a deeper understanding. There’s more appreciation. You just grow to love what you do more. Then you get to a point where you don’t want to let go, like me. I don’t want to let go. I won’t let go. That’s why I’m still here (laughter). It’s important to have fun on the court, and I feel like, for me, it’s a job and this is what I do”.

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