Sergio Aguero Reaches a Personal Milestone as Manchester City Rout Watford 8-0

September 22, 2019 2:09 pm

After a shocking loss against Norwich City last week, Manchester City are more than just up and rolling in the Premier League on Saturday. They scored EIGHT goals against a distraught Watford to silence everybody that doubted them even the slightest.

Manchester City’s eight goals fell just short of the record number of goals scored in a  Premier League match, missing Manchester United’s record of nine goals.

City had a blistering start to the game with five goals scored in the opening 18 minutes. They became the fastest to score five goals beating Blackburn Rovers’s record of scoring five goals in 24 minutes against Sheffield Wednesday in 1997.

This was also only the fourth instance where a team is leading by five goals after the first half.

Apart from the team records, the game also saw some individual accolades. Bernardo Silva scored his first top flight hat-trick in the game and David Silva’s opener after just 52 seconds is the fastest in Premier League. But it is Sergio Aguero‘s goal in the match that probably holds the greatest individual significance. Aguero scored the 100th goal at the Etihad, becoming one of three players in the competition’s history to net 100+ goals at a single venue- alongside Thierry Henry at Highbury (114) and Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford (101).

After the match, City manager Pep Guardiola, as any manager would be, was impressed with his team’s performance. 

“We shot on target five times for five goals,” he said. “The quality of players we had up front made the difference. In the first minutes, we gave them two chances to score two goals and they didn’t.

“In the middle up front, we have a huge amount of talent and that is why we’ve done what we have done. The difference is the talent we have up front.

“What I liked the most is normally when it’s 5-0 at half time the second half is not serious, it’s boring, everyone does what they want. But we did completely the opposite, we were serious, more aggressive with our pressing and made a very good second half.

“People still don’t understand – journalists, pundits and former players – losing games is part of life. I have the same feeling now that I had after Norwich, so that was not a bad performance. We can lose the games; the important thing is the approach and how we react.”

Match Highlights:

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