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Sergio Perez Now Has A Qualifying Record At Canada He May Not Be Too Proud of

Sergio Perez Now Has A Qualifying Record At Canada He May Not Be Too Proud of

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez is one of the most talented drivers on the current grid. He may not have won a Grand Prix race to this day. He may not have even secured a consecutive podium finish in his home race, at Mexico City. But Sergio Perez has definitely all the makings of a fantastic driver, someone who aligns speed and bold driving moves.

In 2019, he’s done the bulwark of the scoring for his Racing Point team, now headquartered in Canada, thanks to Lance Stroll’s father having bought off the team during its most precarious time.

Currently, Perez who’s already collected 13 points for Racing Point in just 6 races, is doing a decent job for his team. Racing Point, it ought to be said, are nowhere close to being among the top three on the grid and yet, are among the finest (or strongest) midfielders around.

They’ve battled the likes of Renault, Alfa Romeo, McLaren and Haas have seen Perez driving away to some arduously collected points at the Grands Prix of China and Azerbaijan.

But here’s something that may not have pleased Sergio Perez one bit. Any guesses?

When he finished his qualifying for the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez became the most experienced driver in Formula 1 without a pole position.

A leading motorsport journal stated the following:

Sergio Perez set a new all-time Formula 1 record in qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix as he became the most experienced driver in the sport’s history without a pole position. Racing Point driver Perez overtakes Johnny Herbert and Martin Brundle after qualifying 16th in Montreal.

This certainly isn’t the best record to own, isn’t it? But then, it ought to be said that given the six races that have taken place, then Sergio Perez has done fairly well. Who knows what might happen in the near future when he has at his disposal a championship-winning car, something that’s way better than the current Mercedes-powered car (M10 EQ Power+)?
That said, Sergio Perez begins from fifteenth on the grid for Montreal’s 70-lap contest.
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