Sergio Perez Slams F1 TV Directors Over No Midfield Coverage in 2019

By 6 months ago

Carlos Sainz Jr is not the only driver who is displeased with F1’s lack of attention on the midfield battle. Racing Point driver Sergio Perez practically echoed his sentiments and called out Formula 1 for “not doing a great job” of focusing on more exciting on-track moments.

On the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Perez muscled his way past Lando Norris to leapfrog him in the drivers’ championship. Unfortunately, the pass was overlooked by the live broadcast, as footage cut to Lewis Hamilton completing his final lap.

Similarly, Sainz Jr pulled off a decisive final-lap overtake on Nico Hulkenberg to secure a career-best sixth in the drivers’ championship. Sadly, he too faced the same situation that befell the Mexican Racing Point driver. Speaking to the media about the current state of F1, Perez noted that the key issue is a difference between all 10 Formula One teams.

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He observed that in the F1 midfield, everyone has the same tires, same aero and are on equal terms, but the problem is that these battles are hardly broadcast on TV.

He said, “I think that directors are not doing a great job. But the race in the midfield, it is unbelievable. It’s a fantastic sport, but the viewers will be so happy to see a race like this – turn on the TV and you don’t know who’s going to win the race.”

According to Sergio Perez, it was gratifying to see some form of unpredictability in qualifying, and it was even more exciting to watch it from a fan’s perspective.

Sergio Perez was not the only one

Another example of great racing flying under the radar was the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix, and i involved Carlos Sainz again. He was embroiled in a four-car dogfight for 11th, but once again the cameras turned a blind eye. Finally, Haas boss Gunther Steiner became another supporter of garnering more coverage for the midfield teams.

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