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Sergio Perez Tired of the Midfield, Signals Retirement from F1

Sergio Perez Tired of the Midfield, Signals Retirement from F1

Sergio Perez

In 2019, Sergio Perez penned a three-year contract with the SportPesa Racing Point team. However, the Mexican driver appears to have grown tired of being stuck in the midfield, and wants a crack at the leaders. He even hinted that his current contract may be his last in Formula 1, if he does not end up in a race-winning seat.

With this new contract, he will be just one year shy of spending a decade with the same team. However, Perez insists that he needs to be in a position to be fighting for a race win by the end of his contract.

“What gave me the hope is a change of rules and that I know what’s going on with the team,” the 29-year-old told Autosport. “I have to be also realistic. I cannot be with Mercedes or Ferrari. [So] this is a fantastic place to be.”

Admittedly, Sergio Perez has visited the podium a few times during his two years at Sauber. He even spent a year at McLaren, replacing Lewis Hamilton, though he did not win many fans among the drivers. Finally, he headed to the erstwhile Force India team, which would then become SportPesa Racing Point.

How has Sergio Perez performed in F1?

During his F1 tenure, Perez has stood on the podium, five times for Force India, finishing no higher than third-place. To this day, he continues to dream of standing on the top step. He believes that Racing Point will not interfere if a top team offers him a drive.

However, he confessed that if an opportunity does not come to pass, he will remain loyal to Racing Point. He is also confident that they can steer him towards glory.

Though, if the team cannot move up beyond the midfield, he may have no choice but hang up his boots after his contract is up.

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