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Shane Watson Has his Social Media Accounts Hacked

Shane Watson Has his Social Media Accounts Hacked

Shane Watson recently became a victim on social media after his Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked. The incident occurred last week, starting off with the former Australian all-rounder’s twitter account. Naturally, Twitter users noticed unusual activity on his timeline and investigated.

The good news was that the Shane Watson managed to regain control of his Twitter profile. Unfortunately, he has to endure the same headache on Instagram, which has yet to be dealt with. As a result of the havoc, Watson’s 1.3 million Instagram followers have to witness his account degenerate into obscenity.

Watson’s Twitter handle was completely tampered with, but his Instagram hasn’t had much change in the profile. By tampering, the Australian’s profile picture and bio were completely changed. Meanwhile, on Instagram his bio was changed to “JOIN SHADOW REALM, LINK IN BIO!”.

Shane Watson

His username was also altered to ‘@bravery on snap’ and the odd activity has been taking place since the afternoon. The hacker used Watson’s profile to flood his Instagram with inappropriate pictures and videos of scantily clad women.

After regaining access to Twitter, Shane Watson issued a clarification and apologised for the vulgarity displayed on his Instagram.

He even urged Instagram to act quickly in terms of recovering his account and restoring normalcy.

The all-rounder was a gifted cricketer in his heyday and could join any side based on either his batting or bowling alone. Unfortunately, his career suffered from being a part of the Golden Generation and he was even beset by numerous injuries all through his career.

Watson still finished his career with respectable numbers was the last player to retire from Australia’s golden era of the early 2000s. Hopefully for his sake, his Instagram profile can be recovered quickly and protected. Otherwise, the whole situation could turn out very awkward for the 38-year old.

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