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SHOCKING: Roger Federer Retires From Professional Tennis

SHOCKING: Roger Federer Retires From Professional Tennis

Roger Federer

This article was published as a creative piece for April fools day on April 1, 2020. What follows is just a narration of something that would shake fans up if the event actually happened. Thanks again for taking it sportingly and wish you a great day ahead!

The news that all Roger Federer fans dreaded but hopefully dodged has finally hit them like a bullet. The Swiss tennis maestro has announced his retirement from all forms of tennis.

This sad news was confirmed by Federer via a press release that was also released on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He is expected to hold an official interaction with his fans via Instagram live and with the media via a press conference to clear all doubts.

Meanwhile, the fans who were already not very happy with the cancellation of tennis have been painfully shocked by this drastic announcement. In fact, Federer critics have been receiving an ear-full on social media, being accused of pushing the Swiss star to this decision. However, the player’s statement gives us a little idea of where he is coming from.

Roger Federer

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What did Roger Federer say? 

Federer did not go into the details of his decision. However, this is what we can infer for now – the quarantine period gave him a lot of time to think and re-prioritize.

Roger revealed that his injury, along with the quarantine break, gave him a lot of time to talk with his loved ones and be with his family. He has now developed a new perspective to look at things and the way he wants people to remember his legacy.

Roger revealed that he had achieved all he wanted from his illustrious career. In fact, he had no interest in pursuing a grand slam race. He praised fellow Big 3 stars, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djoković.

Roger Federer

On a lighter note, he hoped that one of them soon overtakes him. However, there was one piece of information that proved to be the most interesting.

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Roger revealed that he is winning Wimbledon 2021 and there is no person on Earth that can stop him. In fact, he’ll be winning 30 grand slams and his haters can whine all they want. Because of course, we are joking, as it’s April fool day. Don’t worry people, Roger Federer is going nowhere. Our beloved tennis star will be there till he’s 50, and there’s nothing that any pandemic can do about it.

Happy April Fools Day!

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