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The Shoey is Officially Trade-Marked by F1

The Shoey is Officially Trade-Marked by F1

Formula One’s owners Liberty media performed a daring manoeuvre and claimed the rights to the word ‘Shoey’. For the uninitiated, the Shoey is a podium celebration popularised by Daniel Ricciardo where a driver drinks champagne from a shoe.

Ricciardo performed the famous action after he won the Chinese Grand Prix, a few weeks ago. The Australian has even managed to involve celebrities like Sir Patrick Stewart and Gerard Butler in the unique celebration.

Unfortunately, the Shoey was absent in Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix as Ricciardo clashed with teammate Max Verstappen. But, it is only a matter of time before the ritual returns this season and becomes popular.


F1’s branding department Formula One Licensing was granted a trademark registration to the word ‘Shoey’ on 24 August 2017. the word has been registered in 25 countries, namely the United States, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom among others.

The registration covers flasks, glasses, bottles, mugs, sculptures and figurines. So one can expect shoe-shaped merchandise over the coming months. This strategy is a perfect weapon for F1’s drive to appeal to a younger audience.

In the age of viral challenges, who knows, maybe young adults may attempt the Shoey. Liberty Media has attempted to rev up F1’s image by rebranding it and amping up the entertainment factor.

The Shoey has been popular in Australia for a long time. Surfing and fishing brand, The Mad Hueys were the main driving for behind it. Ricciardo was one of the latest Australian figures to get in on the act.

Supercar driver David Reynolds was one of the first sports persons to do the Shoey. Australian MotoGP rider Jack Miller was the next personality after he celebrated his first premier class victory.

However, the celebration will not be limited to just F1, sports stars from rival sports are free to celebrate in this way. But they will be reined in from selling Shoey-branded merchandise.

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team tweeted a link for fans to make their own cardboard Shoeys. But in future, it might need F1’s consent.

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