Shot of the Year: Hubert Hurkacz Hits A Mind-Boggling Tweener Passing Shot

July 5, 2020 5:21 pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been no professional tennis in months. However, we are now starting to see many exhibition events being played. The Altec/Styslinger Foundation Exhibition is one of those events and it was played by World No. 28 Hubert Hurkacz. In one of the matches of the event, he hit one of the most amazing and toughest shots in tennis. Check it out.

Hubert Hurkacz Hits An Amazing Tweener

As you can see in the above tweet by Tennis Channel, Hubert Hurkacz was involved in a grueling rally. Many would have expected him to lose the point as his opponent hit an amazing shot towards the end. But, Hubert turned it around by hitting an amazing tweener passing shot to win the point.

He has probably been practicing this shot a lot which is why he was able to play it so well. Many people are definitely going to hope that he will play this shot when he plays the ATP Tour which will definitely be something to look forward to.

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Hubert Hurkacz enjoyed a lot of success last year. He won his first ATP title in Winston-Salem and he also broke into the top 30. In addition to that, he also reached the third round of the Wimbledon where he challenged the World No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

The Polish No.1 is currently 23 years old and many are expecting players of his age to win the biggest titles of tennis soon. He will definitely be hoping to do exactly that when the Tour returns in August with its grueling schedule.

There are going to be different events being played almost every week which is going to be very physically demanding. But we can expect players like Hubert Hurkacz to be ready and hopefully, win some big titles in August.

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