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“Should Feel Privileged to Be in F1”: FIA Chief Hits Back At Critics of Long Calendar

“Should Feel Privileged to Be in F1”: FIA Chief Hits Back At Critics of Long Calendar

Ever since Liberty Media floated the idea of having a 25-race calendar, the Formula One world has been apprehensive. It has also led to a lot of criticism and concerns about travel schedules getting more hectic in F1.

However, FIA president Jean Todt defended the notion and declared that F1 personnel have no right to complain. Instead they should feel privileged to be involved in the championship.

The F1 teams have already had to deal with a 21-race calendar, and in 2020, the number will increase to 22. To up the ante even further, the regulations allow for a future expansion up to 25 events.

Naturally, a calendar of this size will likely put a strain on drivers and team personnel who travel to all the races. To remedy this, teams have begun to entertain the idea of rotating their respective staff members.

Even F1 CEO Chase Carey acknowledged that the “wear and tear” on personnel could be an issue worth looking into. However, the FIA solution was, condensed race weekends from 2021 onwards, with fewer activities on Thursdays.

Vietnam is a new addition to a growing calendar

How will the F1 teams cope?

However, Todt clarified, “I think it will be a long process before being close to 25 races.”

“Probably so much emphasis on speculating and assessing 25 races, and at the moment we should concentrate on 22, which is the situation.

“I really feel that, and I include myself, we are so blessed to be in a world where we love what we do. We have the passion. We are privileged. Whoever is in F1 is privileged. Of course, you have some duties.

Todt revealed that his visits to developing countries have influenced his position. The Frenchman acknowledged that though the focus is on F1, the needs of the people should not be ignored.

Whatever the case, it is apparent that the ceiling will remain at 25 races. So it will be interesting to see how the current and potential future teams deal with it.

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