Shroud Gets Ranked After Ranked Mode For Valorant Goes Live

May 1, 2020 4:59 pm

Since its closed beta release almost a month ago, Valorant has taken the first-person shooter genre by storm. Unique character designs, smooth gameplay, and massive reforms to the foundations of 5v5 shooters have only added to the skyrocketing popularity of the game, which is still under development. 

Earlier this week, Valorant’s Competitive team posted a blog in which they emphasized on guaranteeing competitive integrity in the game’s ranked mode.

Following up on the launch of Patch 0.49, Riot has now activated ranked mode in Valorant. The new Ranked System for the tactical shooter is already live on North America servers and will roll out to Europe servers soon, in the coming hours. 

What is Shroud’s Rank in Valorant?

After the new ranking system for the closed beta game went live for NA servers, famed Mixer streamer, Shroud took to Twitter to share his Valorant rank with his fans. As of now, his tier is Diamond 3.

Read below to know how Valorant’s Ranked System works.

How Does The Ranked System Work?

As summarized by the developers, the Competitive mode will adopt the same rules and format as in the Unrated mode.

First of all, to unlock Competitive mode, players must complete 20 Unrated matches. As of now, there are eight total ranks. These include Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and VALORANT. All ranks, further divided into three tiers each, except for the top rank, VALORANT.

Players can queue in parties of up to five but need to be within two ranks or six tiers of their teammates. It is done to keep the games and the skill disparity fair.

The competitive system will take player performance into account, and victories will be a significant factor in ranking up. Players who perform strongly in matches will rank up faster. On the other hand, performing poorly in matches will result in losing more rank. The first few games will significantly focus on a player’s skill and will decrease over time as one begins ascending ranks.

Moreover, if a squad gets defeated too easily by a wide margin, they’ll drop more rank. However, teams who give their best efforts for the complete match and still get outdone, won’t descend much in the standings. This is to curb players throwing games, AFKs, and keep players working as a team. 

Furthermore, a player’s competitive rank won’t display if they haven’t played a ranked match in the past 14 days. Rank won’t decay, but no other player can see your rank until you play another game. Riot also mentioned closed beta rank would not carry over to the game’s official launch.

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