Shroud Knows How to Fix PUBG; Describes Dream Game

November 25, 2020 11:50 pm

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is popular for giving educated opinions about the gaming community during his streams. The fact that Mike plays a lot of games makes him one of the best persons for the job. He doesn’t usually stick to a particular genre like FPS or RPG. Instead, his fans love him for bringing fresh content every once in a while.

Shroud had previously mentioned that he sometimes feels forced to stream certain genres of games due to fan demand. However, in his free time, he loves to play the games he likes but not stream. From this very experience, Shroud has finally described what according to him would be his dream game.

My dream video game is truly being able to go wherever you look,” says Shroud. He feels his dream game is supposed to be the most interactive game ever made. Moreover, it should provide players with the ability and the freedom to do anything they want, such as opening an “underground dog fighting ring.” 

“My favorite game of all time would be like a really, really heavy role playing game. It would be awesome. But it would have to be so immersive and so in-depth that you kind of forget that you’re playing a game.”

Shroud gives his two cents on fixing PUBG

PUBG was once the most popular game on Steam and has now become a deserted island. The downfall of the game has been disheartening for a lot of people who loved to play the game. However, there were many things that the developers couldn’t fix.

The wait in the lobbies grew longer and longer as the number of servers grew shorter, until finally there were very few players left in the game. Shroud was also a popular PUBG streamer at one point of time, but he too jumped ship along with everyone else.

In the very same video, a fan asked Shroud about his opinion on how to make PUBG popular again? Mike had some interesting ideas.

I would delete the battle royale and I would open modding tools and open dedicated servers and let the community do whatever the f*** they want.” 

Shroud feels that a subscription based model that provides editing, map, and functionality tools to the community is the only way PUBG can become relevant again. While this would probably be the last update for the game, it would at least ensure traffic.

While these ideas might sound extremely radical, if Shroud believes they could work, they just might. Let us know if you agree with his ideas and would play PUBG if these changes happen.

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