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Shroud Takes Subtle Dig at DrDisrespect on Return Stream

Shroud Takes Subtle Dig at DrDisrespect on Return Stream


The past couple of days have been really big for the world of streaming. With Ninja making another one-time appearance on Twitch following the new updates on Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone and DrDisrespect making his return to streaming with YouTube, fans were wondering if it was about time Shroud made his return. And voila! Shroud posted a tweet announcing his return, and yesterday, the legend made went back to Twitch, streaming one of his staple games right now- Valorant.

His return saw a huge turnover of viewers, with his stream crossing the 100k viewers’ mark within 3 minutes. In no time, the stream flaunted over 300K viewership. This should not come as a surprise, however, since his fans have been eagerly waiting for a word from him while he was MIA from all social media platforms. His return was expected to fetch such a huge number of viewers and subs.

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Another reason might be the fact that Shroud is currently the biggest celebrity on Twitch, with DrDisrespect having moved on to YouTube and Ninja going into hiding again after his one-time appearance.

The first thing he did on his return stream (other than calling himself old) was take a mild dig at DrDisrespect. Now, don’t get this wrong, we believe that DrDisrespect’s return intro was pretty sick, and it goes well with his online persona. Moreover, Doc deserves that hype. What Shroud said is, he is not the type of person to build hype with something like that.

“I’m not gonna have a crazy epic seven-minute video driving in a Lamborghini”- Shroud

DrDisrespect had started his return stream with a seven-minute-long intro, which included a video of him driving around in the red Lamborghini and then a segment of him shouting out at random people, asking them not to come near his car. Now, this intro goes very well with Doc’s persona. This is the kind of eccentricity we expect from Doc.

Now, this is what Shroud said on his stream:

Obviously, Shroud’s dig was at DrDisrespect’s intro. Shroud preferred to keep his return normal and devoid of theatrics and frankly, that is how he is. He and Doc are very different personalities. On the other hand, Doc said Shroud’s return wasn’t quite that massive. Yes, it was just some friendly banter; we know how both streamers have nothing but respect for one another.

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