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Singapore Grand Prix 2018: Who Won, What Happened and Much More!

Singapore Grand Prix 2018: Who Won, What Happened and Much More!

This year’s Singapore Grand Prix will be the 11th running of the race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. At the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton seized victory while on his way to a 5th world championship. Joining him on the podium were Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel respectively.

The 2018 Singapore Grand Prix race start was relatively clean from all 20 cars, until they reached the first corner. Then, the Force India duo of Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon collided, ending the latter’s race. A Force India collision was often seen as commonplace that year, and this was just another headache for the team.

Vettel’s Ferrari managed to sneak past Verstappen’s Red Bull before the yellow flags and the subsequent safety car. Then, on Lap 15, Vettel triggered an undercut by pitting for ultrasoft tyres and getting rid of his hypersoft tyres.

Then, when Verstappen pitted on lap 18, he strapped on the soft tyres, and somehow managed to squeeze ahead of Vettel. Verstappen even had the advantage of the hardest set of tyres, guaranteeing that he would go till the end.

A few laps later, Pierre Gasly was struggling heavily on his tyres and was easy prey for Charles LeClerc in the Sauber. That was followed a few laps later by some drama, courtesy Sergio Perez, who could not stop himself from clattering yet another car. This time, the victim was Williams F1 driver Sergey Sirotkin, who had his front wing broken off.

Perez completed a successful move, but inexplicably veered across the track, cutting across the Russian. Naturally, Sirotkin was furious, but he managed to recover, as did Perez. However, Sirotkin came under attack yet again on lap 38, this time, the assailant was Romain Grosjean.

The two drivers were side-by-side and things looked very dicey between the Haas and Williams. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who were behind, trying to lap them, had to tread very very carefully. It was also worth noting that during the incident with Grosjean, Verstappen was right on Hamilton’s tail.

However, it was all for nought for poor Max Verstappen as Lewis Hamilton romped to victory at the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix.

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